US Student Shopping Report: Entertainment Focus

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Student consumers are pioneers of the entertainment industry. They were early champions of streaming services, they’re well-known for their sprawling online communities, and for many, how they choose to consume entertainment is a huge part of their identity. 

In this entertainment-focused snapshot of the Student Beans Student Shopping Report, you’ll find everything you need to know about what the 37 million US college students do for fun. Contextualize your brand within their lives as you learn the tech that they’re using, the events on their wishlists, and their go-to activities for downtime with friends. 

Gen Z students are already redefining entertainment. It’s time to find out what they expect from the brands they love.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The online communities that help to forge students’ identities. From gaming to geography, find out how Gen Z express their interests – and the communities that spring up as a result. 
  • The entertainment brands that shape students’ worlds. With streaming services providing unlimited access to content in all its forms, check-in with their ways of keeping busy during lockdown.
  • The events on their wishlists for a post-pandemic world. As the new normal edges ever closer, Find out where Gen Z are most looking forward to when IRL is back on the table. 

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