Unlocking student consumers for Freshers 2020

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With Freshers 2020 just around the corner, we’re joined by leading sports nutrition brand Bulk Powders to discuss how to make that crucial first impression on students as part of Voxburner’s YMS Online series.

As veterans of Freshers 2019, Bulk Powders are no strangers to capturing the attention of Gen Z. Through tactical offers and placements during key times in the student calendar, Bulk Powders’ revenue grew by 511% in 2019. A major driver of this growth was their 2019 Freshers campaign – one of their most successful that year.

Listen in to discover how you can build a Freshers 2020 campaign that delivers all year round. You’ll learn:

  • The Freshers timeline – when is the optimal time to kick off your strategy?
  • How to structure your student deal – what worked for Bulk Powders, and how can you apply it to your campaign?
  • How to connect with Gen Z – which media gets students talking – and spending?
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