Top 11 Gen Z Campaigns

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It can be hard to understand what makes a great Gen Z campaign. Gen Zs are sticklers for authenticity, and not every brand gets it right first time. But these 11 brands certainly did.

We are excited to present the best 11 Gen Z campaigns for 2020 and 2021. These campaigns transcended lockdown restrictions and used innovation to connect with the next generation of consumers. They created stories that really resonated with young people today – and spoke to them in a language that Gen Z understands. 

Decided by real Gen Z students via our nationally-representative surveys, these campaigns represent the best of the best – and should to act as a guide for any brand looking to win Gen Z. You’ll find:

  • The top 11 campaigns – with data-driven insights into why they performed so well with Gen Z, as well as qualitative feedback from our student insiders. 
  • Key Gen Z themes – browse each campaign in line with our four Gen Z themes: authenticity, digital natives, lifelong loyalty and globally minded. 
  • Your takeaways – find out how you can make it onto the list for next year with actionable insights based on the success stories within this guide.

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