Who are the Gen Z spring breakers?

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If you thought spring break was all about parties and vacations, Student Beans is here to set the record straight. We’ve uncovered the top four Gen Z student personas your brand should be aware of when formulating your spring break marketing strategy. In this video explainer, you’ll learn more about these personas, plus all of our top tips for marketing to Gen Z students for this crucial event in the student calendar. 

At least 71% of college students are feeling optimistic or excited about spring break 2022. Be ready for each and every one of them. Speak to a student marketing expert today.

The video, transcribed

Hi. We’re Student Beans. And today, we’re here to talk about spring break – and what this means for your Gen Z student marketing strategy.

Taking place between March and April, spring break is a one to two week-long holiday period for college students. It is a staple event in the student calendar, and it’s an optimal chance for brands to boost their engagement with 19.6 million college students in the US. 

But where to begin? We’ve identified four personas that represent your typical spring breakers, these are: the party people, the volunteers, the family vacationers and the on-campus tribe. 

So let’s dive straight in – starting with the PARTY PEOPLE. It’s no secret that for many college students, spring break is a time to head south and let off some steam. Florida, Cancun and the Caribbean are all popular destinations for party-goers to hang out. 

Wherever they decide to venture, you can be sure they’ll be on the lookout for all the summer essentials. Think bathing suits, sunscreen, carry-on luggage and more. 

Next we have the VOLUNTEERS. Spring break is not all about parties and sun, since a proportion of students choose to use their time to volunteer in less fortunate communities and gain awareness of critical social issues. 

Of course, volunteer work involves a lot of preparation – and many student volunteers will need new clothes and equipment to ensure they’re fit for purpose. A lot of volunteer programs will require students to travel – so make sure you consider this group when formulating your marketing strategy. 

Moving on to the FAMILY VACATIONERS. For some students, spring break presents an opportunity to spend time with family members. Whether that be on a vacation or simply spending time back home, students will no doubt be feeling an urge to treat themselves and their loved ones. Don’t forget – this cohort are likely to be on the lookout for affordable transport back to their hometown, or to their family vacation destination.

Last but not least, we have THE ON-CAMPUS TRIBE. Not all students stray from their college campus during spring break. In fact, some use this opportunity to really explore their college town or city and catch up on their studies. 

These students are more likely to use their free time to spend their disposable income on activities, events and whatever else catches their attention. Make sure your brand is at the forefront!

Now you know what students will be getting up to, here’s all of our top tips for marketing to Gen Z students on the lead up and during the spring break period. 

  1. Win Gen Z consumers with student incentives 
  2. Build a buzz by promoting your offers ahead of time as well as during the spring break itself 
  3. Engage with students on social media channels by offering advice on what to buy, and how to stay safe during spring break 
  4. Explore the fun of gamification to get students excited for what you have to offer 

So, that’s your quick-fire guide to spring break. Learn more by tuning into our student-led webinar. 

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