Taking Products To Market, Strategies and Metrics: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Video Guide

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Ahead of one of the busiest trading periods of the year, we asked Student Beans’ Head of Growth Marketing, Aurélie Genet, her take on Cyber. Including: how brands can take products to market, what strategies will prove effective and what’s the number one metric to track in this period.

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The video, transcribed

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just super busy time.

If you think of how you are behaving as a consumer, you will receive a ton of emails, a ton of push notification, all claiming to have a great offer.

And so it’s not necessarily the right time to take a new product to market for me.

Black Friday and Cyber Week. It’s not just about pricing.

It should be about reassuring users of all of the all of your selling points of all of the good things of why they should be buying with you.

But at the end of the day, their mind is probably set already on what they want and they’re just looking for the best price.

You need to have the smoothest journey possible. But for me, it’s purely conversion rate. And then overall what you can measure at the end of it is the incremental.

And again, something that I would encourage brands to look at is which, which user segments actually engaged. Are you talking people that would have transacted?

Anyway, in that case, the incrementality is probably quite low or are you actually reactivating lapse users or activating people that were not transacting with you before.

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