Student thoughts on travel

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There’s nothing quite like a year of COVID-19 to ignite the wanderlust in all of us. But for students, travel has a very different meaning. They’re just as excited about quick getaways and trips of a lifetime – but for international students, in particular, travel is an inevitable part of uni life.

We asked our student insiders to reflect on the holidays and trips that they remember most fondly – and got them thinking about where they’d love to visit once COVID-19 is under control. We also got some insight into what life is like for students who rely on international travel to get home from university.

Travel headlines

  • While many Gen Z students have freedom and cast to travel as soon as they head to uni, 81% say they still go on holiday with family. 
  • Longer trips abroad are increasing in popularity – 54% of students say they’ve been travelling abroad for three weeks or longer. 
  • Social media is students’ top source of travel inspo – closely followed by travel sites and blogs. 

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