Student thoughts on tech & mobile

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The oldest Gen Zs might recall the dial-up tones of the family computer or the agonising wait to use the landline to call a friend – but those days are very much over. Not only are Gen Zs likely to own a laptop and smartphone as a minimum, they have access to a myriad of devices and accessories to enhance their digital worlds. 

Technology is, for Gen Z students, an escape as much as it’s a way to socialise. Most students get all of their entertainment, speak to their friends and complete uni assignments from a single high-power device. And with so many uni courses moving online due to COVID-19, tech and mobile became more important than ever to students this past year.

We asked Ibrahim, Alice, Thomas, Andreea and Molly about their tech and mobile preferences. They reveal their latest tech buys, and – crucially – whether they’re team Apple or Samsung…

Tech and mobile: the highlights

  • When it comes to smartphones, Apple is still winning with the student demographic – 65% of students own an iPhone, compared to 21% who use Samsung, and 14% who use a disruptor brand. 
  • Quality, trust and affordability are students’ top three priorities when it comes to tech & mobile purchases. 
  • On average, students are more likely to buy a phone if they’ve bought from the brand before – 52% say this is their top reason for picking a smartphone.

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