Student thoughts on fashion

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Fashion is a big deal for Gen Z students – so big a deal, in fact, that they’re willing to spend more disposable income on new clothes than on any other category. 

Gen Zs have a lot of brands and styles to choose from – and with highly-visual social media platforms constantly feeding into the trend pipelines, campus fashion is a fast-moving world. You’d be forgiven for thinking that during lockdown, uni style has slipped away – but with TikTok and Instagram to hand, there are constant opportunities for Gen Zs to premiere their latest fashion buys. 

From campus styles to lockdown fashion choices, Lauren, Molly, Alice, Tommy and Ibrahim weigh in on what they’re buying personally – and what styles they’re seeing among their peers.

Fashion headlines

  • The world of fashion is a fast-moving one – but in spite of a huge range of options, students still put quality over affordability when making fashion purchases. 
  • As students’ biggest discretionary shopping category, fashion makes up 15% of the average monthly spend. 
  • Perhaps influenced by COVID-19, students would place being comfortable above looking stylish or on-trend – just 22% say they’re inspired by celebrities or influencers when it comes to fashion.

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