Student thoughts on entertainment

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With an infinite digital universe at their fingertips, and more options offline and IRL than any generation before, how exactly are Gen Z students staying entertained?

Student Beans put that very question to our student insiders at the end of 2020 – a year in which their ways of staying entertained were truly put to the test. From streaming to board games, pub visits to parties, we take a closer look at what students usually like to get up to – and how their entertainment preferences have evolved in these past few months. 

Hear from Thomas, Andreea, Ibrahim and Molly as they reveal what’s keeping them entertained at the moment – and the in-person events and experiences they’re missing. 

Entertainment headlines

  • Streaming services have provided Gen Z students with the escapism they needed these past few months. 77% use a music streaming service, with 70% subscribing to a video streaming service. 
  • Post-lockdown, you’re most likely to find students at the cinema or in the pub – their top two ways of enjoying IRL entertainment in more normal times. 
  • With so many digital options to choose from, it’s easy to imagine students have turned their backs on traditional entertainment. But a not-insignificant 41% are regular readers.

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