Bringing joy and impulse buying back to shopping: 4 Strategies to Hypercharge Ecommerce for Gen Z

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Nearly half of Gen Z shoppers now buy things online that they used to buy in-store and 70% say they will continue to do so even after the world fully reopens. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. How can you recreate the joy and desire that happens naturally in an in-store environment to drive sales online?

Our guide, created in partnership with AdWeek, “Bringing Joy and Impulse Buying Back to Shopping: 4 Strategies to Hypercharge Ecommerce for Gen Z,” answers this question. Featuring exclusive research and actionable advice based on the brands that are transforming ecommerce experiences, the guide will help you navigate the new ecommerce-first world that Gen Z shops in.

The insights include:

  • Gen Z is a financially savvy group. The pandemic found them taking it to a new level: 35% of students surveyed by Student Beans say they now look for more discounts and 77% saying they will continue this behavior.
  • Facilitating product discovery is one of the best ways to inspire impulse buys. Learn how Hershey’s leveraged this strategy to keep sales up during the early days of the pandemic.
  • FOMO remains a powerful shopping strategy. That’s why brands like Supreme have mastered the “product drop” to create digital excitement.

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