Running an In-Store Discount: Connect Explainer

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Elevate your conversion rates up to 5 times with a streamlined process that effortlessly increases your brand’s appeal to students globally. Imagine secure real-time verification for student customers, unlocking exclusive offers that seamlessly boost your in-store sales. Our plug-and-play solution isn’t just technology; it’s a pathway to maximising conversions for your student customers.

Dive into the video below and discover the value waiting for you with our in-store verification tool, Connect.

Ready to launch your own discount programme?

The video, transcribed

Student Beans Connect is the best tool for running your own gated offers for strategic consumer groups, enabling you to increase conversions by up to 5 x

In this video you’ll discover how you can use Connect to verify your customers in-store and how easy it is to launch your discount offer with us. 

Join Student Beans and use our student verification tool, Connect to:

  1. Increase footfall of student customers 
  2. Increase your appeal to students
  3. Grow your student sales

Let’s quickly run through what you need to start using Connect to run your in-store discount offer. 

Firstly, you’ll need to share a few assets with us so that we can create an engaging listing of  your student discount to add to our website and app. 

All we need are details of your brand and your offer. We’ll also require  your brand logo and a few lifestyle images representative of your brand – all things you’ll most likely already have! 

Next, we’ll send you some Student Beans window stickers to help raise awareness of your student offer. 

We also recommend you prepare some point of sale assets to display around your stores to really capture the attention of your customers. 

When a customer wants to redeem your in-store offer, they’ll need to verify their status.

By using Connect, 3 things happen:

  1. We verify their student status 
  2. We give them access to your discount
  3. They complete their purchase by showing checkout staff their Student Beans ID

If your point of sale system requires a code to be scanned for the discount to be applied, you can also add alphanumeric codes, barcodes or QR codes to display under their Student Beans ID – it can be flexible to suit your brand’s needs!

Wondering how does Connect work? We verify a user’s student status from the established direct integrations we have with academic institutions – our systems check the user’s selected institution in real-time to confirm they’re in fact a student.

With their verified Student Beans account, students now have instant access to all the discount offers from 1000’s of brands that have partnered with us and have added our Connect tool to their website.

Students are required to verify their Student Beans account once per academic year. We already have millions of verified users that can instantly access your gated student offer. This is just one of the ways our tool is designed to maximise your conversion rate.

Our plug and play solution makes this entire in-store purchase experience frictionless for your student customers as we’ve designed Connect to maximise your conversion rates and instantly verify 192m students from over 100+ countries providing them with access to your gated student offer.

Get started with Connect now.

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