Influencer Marketing Tips For 2024

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With the dawn of a new year, we asked Student Beans’ Influencer Marketing Manager, Sophie Wilkinson, her take on what the upcoming influencer trends will be in 2024. Including: How can brands make their campaigns with influencers stand out? What creator trends should we watch out for? And what tactics can you use to ensure you collaborate with the right influencers?

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The video, transcribed

How can brands make their campaigns with influencers stand out in 2024?

Testing new formats. So obviously within the influencer industry, there’s always something new that’s coming out, so being on different kind of platforms, being on the pulse with trends, kind of researching into the industry and seeing what’s upcoming, how they can leverage this into their strategy, I think is key. Something as well, is generating culturally relevant content So this is something we’ve implemented into our strategy. Something we always look to do, but we’re finding it works really well for us. So diversifying content, but ensuring its culturally relevant is key.

What tactics can you use to ensure you collaborate with the right influencers?

So I would definitely recommend looking at what your brand’s goal is.

There are a range of influences out there and not every single influencer is going be right for your brand. So you need to look at your goals. Have you got brand awareness goals? Have you got traffic goals? What are you trying to achieve with this campaigns of creator content?

The style of creator content, so just ensure the brand-suit is authentic.

You might like a creator and you might think they’re perfect. I love so many creators, and we work with a wide range of brands here at Student Beans, but not every creator is right.

For every single campaign, you need to see if the partnership is authentic.

I think another thing is content consistency. So is the creator regularly posting, how often are they posting on their socials? Which platform are you looking to activate them on?

So I kind of look at it in the sense of if you were the audience and you see this creator post, would you be likely to purchase from the creator who’s advertising?

I think a blend of engagements and CPM. So advertising is obviously a prerequisite, so you need to make sure that obviously you have the engagement then but then also the cost of the ad as well.

Risk management, I think is really important too, so obviously, when you’re looking to partner with an influencer, you need to look at their background. What kind of content do they post? Is this suitable for your business? Is there anything that might potentially harm your business?

What creator trends should we watch out for in 2024?

Community and purpose driven content is going be key for next year. Obviously, this year we had trends on TikTok, but I think next year, a lot of students are facing quite a lot of difficulty with cost of living.

It’s obviously impacting a lot of people, TikTok is predominantly used as a place of escapism and I think brands that really tap into this by putting out their content that is relevant to them, but also is able to engage with the audience in a fun and lighthearted way is perfect.

SEO and TikTok as a search engine will still be a huge trend next year, but I also think the addition of having that meaningful community led content that kind of taps into that long form element too.

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