US Brand Partner Case Study: Gymshark

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Since its launch in 2012 by British student entrepreneur Ben Francis, Gymshark has become one of the fastest-growing youth brands, synonymous with the athleisure trend.

In 2017, they looked ahead at their three-year expansion plan and realized that students were essential in order for them to achieve their goals. One of which was an ambitious revenue target.

This case study shares the story of how Gymshark launched a powerful strategy to engage the student market through their partnership with Student Beans. It covers:

  • How they utilized our student verification technology to offer an exclusive discount to students
  • How our partnership drove awareness and revenue around key product launches and marketing campaigns for the brand.

Gymshark’s incredible growth story will be an inspiration for brands in the fashion, health and fitness sectors, as well as those looking to achieve the same success with the student and youth market.

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