Guide To Gen Z’s Summer 2023

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Young people across the world are looking forward to their summer holidays and vacations – it’s a break from education, a time to reconnect with family, and an opportunity to celebrate exam results with friends.

Because of this long holiday period, summer is a key spending time in Gen Z’s calendar. Gaining an understanding of what this young generation wants and needs will help you to connect with them, secure their spending, and lock in their loyalty for much longer than hot days and warm August nights

This guide is your go-to resource, pulling on exclusive Voxburner data to share an in-depth analysis of what summer will look like for Gen Z. 

We’ll explore Gen Z’s spending habits over the summer period, from where they’re holidaying to the technology they’ll be splashing out on. 

Packed full of exclusive insights and actionable takeaways for how brands can get involved, it’s essential reading for all brands wanting to engage with Gen Z this summer and lock in their loyalty.

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