Freshers: A Guide for Affiliate Managers

Every year, Freshers is a time when brand loyalties are forged and lifelong habits are established. This year, it will only be bigger and better than ever. 80% of UK students who started uni last year – amidst some of the most intense COVID-19 restrictions – intend to take part in 2021’s events. That means that the number of students looking at your brand will almost double. 

As the start of the shopping season approaches (some students pick up their first purchases as early as April), we’ve put together this Freshers guide for affiliates. Inside, you’ll find a definitive roadmap to planning your Freshers activity. Packed with qualitative and quantitative insights – as well as actionable tips – it will directly inform your strategy, and provide you with a roadmap to boosting your revenues from Gen Z students. 

In this guide: 

  • Key themes and unmissable trends. Gen Z trends are constantly shifting – and their shopping habits are no different. Find out exactly which trends and themes will dominate the Freshers 2021 shopping season. 
  • First-hand student stories. We’ve included interviews with real students at every step of their Freshers journey – from sixth-form to second year. They explain what they’re buying, when they’re starting, and get candid about what they’re really looking for from brands.
  • Sector-specific snapshots. See exactly what students are looking for within your vertical with our sector-specific student shopping lists – all derived from our first-hand student insights. Plus, pinpoint the key window when students start shopping within your vertical.

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