Cyber Week US: Demi’s Experience

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Demi gives the lowdown on how he uses the Dark Social trend to share deals with friends, and explains what makes a Cyber Week deal stand out to him.

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Demi, 18

A computer science student from New York

What time of year do you start your holiday shopping?

Right about Thanksgiving. That whole period of Black Friday, Thanksgiving.

What have you bought previously on Cyber Week?

A TV, PlayStation… those are the major things I usually buy around that time.

What kinds of products and brands do you look for?

More high-end brands, like brands that usually would be more expensive around the other times of the year. Electronics, I would probably get something from Samsung or Sony, and then clothes.

How do you research Cyber Week deals? When do you start looking?

So I start as early as a couple of days before when you start getting those ads, especially in your email. That’s when I start looking at what I actually want to get, and then decide what I want to focus on, or what I’m looking for. Sometimes I’ll get ads from Walmart or Amazon that I would just bookmark.

Do you shop in-store, online, or both?

I usually try to stay online, honestly. I try to avoid going to the store as much as possible. If I would go in-store it’s probably ’cause maybe it’s sold out online, or maybe it’s clothes I’m trying to get.

How do you usually hear about Cyber Week deals? 

It’s mostly through email – I get emails from companies that are having deals.

What would make a Cyber Week promotion stand out for you?

If it has some of the things I’m looking for, and if there’s a pretty unusual discount, that would stand out to me. If it’s not something I’m used to for the rest of the year, that’s something that really catches my eye.

Do you share Cyber Week deals with friends? If so, how?

Yeah, if I see something that my friends and I are really interested in, I would just let them know like, yo, I found this deal, and usually, I will tell them on Snapchat or text them or something like that.

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