Brand Partner Video Testimonial: Contiki

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What does it take to tap into the world of students? A few things: Gen Z expertise, global reach with local knowledge, and a secure way to verify student customers. When group travel and adventure brand, Contiki, selected Student Beans as their student discount partner, all of these were strong considerations. 

In this video, we catch up with Simon Llanos – the Chief Marketing Officer at Contiki – to discuss how Contiki has found our partnership so far. Simon talks positive revenue impact and Gen Z insights, as well as touching on the benefits of our global verification solutions. 

Remember, we’re always looking for our next brand partner – if the student market is in your sights, we can help you get there – let’s talk. But for now – over to Simon.

The video, transcribed

The value of Student Beans to us is on multiple levels. Of, course we’ve had the revenue impact, and that’s been a great benefit of the partnership. But getting into the student world and specifically being able to focus on such a niche environment in our growth market is fantastic.

They operate in multiple areas so that’s really important for us as ultimately we’re a business and we want to affect the bottom line. But to talk about revenue only as part of this partnership would do it a disservice. Because it is a small but significant part of what we do together.

Sharing lots of information, statistics, survey findings has been really valuable to us in helping us to get under the skin of the Gen Z student market and understand how we should craft our offering, communications and build communities together. A lot of that direction has been provided by Student Beans Insights and they continue to provide those for us.

The benefits are multiple, they’re great and we’re excited to grow this partnership into the next year and beyond.

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