Adapting your AU student marketing for COVID-19

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Amid the coronavirus crisis, brands have a responsibility to adapt to their customers’ changing needs, but it can be difficult to know what this means for each sector and consumer demographic. There is as much uncertainty for the brands we work with as our community of Gen Z students. Our network of student users and brand partners gives us a unique insight into both sides of this challenge, and we’re sharing our learnings so far here.

Students’ lives have been turned upside down by the pandemic, as their classes are moved online, along with socialising, shopping, entertainment and more. While lockdown restrictions have been harsh on certain sectors, many brands are thriving, and there are some valuable lessons we can learn from those who have adapted with agile, user-focused campaigns and product adjustments. We’ve brought together some highlights of these inspiring actions, along with our advice for brands who want to achieve the same.

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