Gen Z Dating Trends – UK

Get up-to-date insights from Student Beans’ annual survey, exploring everything from how young people date to how this affects their spending. 

Gen Z Dating Trends – US

A must-read for US brands looking to engage with Gen Zs this Valentine’s Day and beyond. Take a deep dive into how 16-24-year-olds approach the world of dating – and examine how this affects their spending across multiple verticals.

A Guide to Gen Z’s Summer Spending

When students’ income lands in their bank account, it’s a big deal. Most make their final loan drop span the summer months and this guide will help to put your brand on students shopping lists over this time.

Summer Spending: Entertainment

From festivals to sports, reading to gaming – this guide is an entertainment brand go-to. Get under the skin of students summer spending in your sector and secure your share of the £240 million spent on entertainment.

Summer Spending: Tech & Mobile

Student spending on tech is at an annual high – only slightly behind Christmas levels – during the summer months. Arm yourself with the insights to get your tech or mobile brand noticed at a time when students are willing to spend.

Summer Spending: Fashion

Fashion is students biggest discretionary spending category – but competition is high. Take a look at how students approach shopping for fashion over summer, and how this differs to the rest of the year.

Summer Spending: Health & Beauty

Self-care is high on Gen Zs agenda – and their significant spending in this category reflects this. Get behind the scenes access to student spending across health, beauty and fitness over the warmer months.

Summer Spending: Food & Drink

For students, food and drink is an essential, a way of socialising, and a fitness consideration all at once – and they have different budgets and considerations depending on which of these they are focusing on. Our summer spending guide...

New Year, New Habits Guide for Nutrition brands

When it comes to Gen Z’s nutrition habits there are lots of myths to unpick. Time to find out what’s cooking – and what’s off the menu – to help your brand whip up a healthy 2021 marketing strategy.

New Year, New Habits Guide for Fitness brands

As young people commit to a multitude of healthy habits for 2021, it’s time for fitness brands to review their strategy. Do Gen Z resonate with your brand? Could you be doing more? Find out!

New Year, New Habits Guide for Tech brands

Tech is a hugely important part of Gen Z’s day to day life. This isn’t changing for 2021. But there are new opportunities for tech brands to get closer than ever to young people…

New Year, New Habits Guide for Athleisure & Loungewear brands

Gen Z have grown even closer to loungewear and athleisure brands, as chilled and sporty outfits become there everyday go to’s. Discover what will and won’t fly with Gen Z in 2021.