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A Marketers Guide to Afterpay Day

Zoom in on the latest brand to get involved in the flash sale action – Afterpay. For students, Afterpay Day is another key sales date to stock up on whatever they need. For brands, it is another great opportunity to engage with Gen Z.

The Ultimate Guide to Generation Z

Introducing Gen Z students. Get to know the shopping and spending habits of this cohort of young people and learn how to engage them with your marketing campaigns.

A Marketers Guide to Click Frenzy Julove

In this Click Frenzy-focused snapshot of the Aussie Events Guide, we explore the much-anticipated Julove event – which, you guessed it, takes place in July. Get up to speed with how this event ties into the student calendar so that you can...

A Marketers Guide to End of Financial Year Sales

This edition of the Aussie Events Guide focuses on the End of Financial Year sales and will take you through all the key information you need to know ahead of the event – including its appeal to students.

Freshers: A Guide for Affiliate Managers

In the affiliate edition of our Freshers guide series, you’ll find key insights and learnings to drive your brand performance during the crucial period of Freshers 2021.

Freshers: A Guide for Ecommerce Managers

Download the Freshers guide for ecommerce managers to access all of the insights you need to make a lasting impression on Gen Z students.

Freshers: A Guide for Marketers

With Freshers 2021 shaping up to be the biggest yet, download our Marketer’s Guide for the latest insights and strategies to make it work for your brand.

A Marketers Guide to Click Frenzy Mayhem

Discover the opportunities that Click Frenzy Mayhem can bring to your student marketing strategy with this useful edition of our Aussie Events Guide. Happy reading!

An Inside Look at Generation TikTok

With TikTok’s rising influence, stop the scroll with our insights and advice packed Marketers Guide to Generation TikTok

Back to School: A Guide for Ecommerce Managers

From May to September, young consumers will be inheriting their purchasing power, embracing independence, and forging brand affinities. There’s no better time to make that first impression and move your revenue needle this Back to School season.

Back to School: A Guide for Affiliate Managers

Approach Back to School right, and you could generate a whole new consumer base. But get it wrong, and you won’t make it onto students’ radars. This guide will inform anyone in the affiliate space exactly what to do to reach Gen Z students...

Back to School: A Guide for Marketing Managers

A new cohort of college students are set to arrive on campuses this August in one of the biggest transitions of their lives. As a marketer, its your chance to make that first impression – while also nurturing existing students further along...

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