Case Study Pack 2020: UK Brands

With every brand, comes a new challenge. Discover the role Student Beans has played in helping 4 well-known brands in the UK overcome unique challenges to win over Gen Z consumers.

Cyber Week AU 2020: Brand Playbook

A blueprint to inform your Australian Cyber Week strategy, our Brand Playbook will help optimise your campaign to convert browsing students into paying customers.

UK Brand Partner Case Study: Alton Towers & Thorpe Park

Faced with a challenge to reposition themselves as more than a family day out. Alton Towers & Thorpe Park found a solution to attract groups of thrillseeking students with their own spending power.

UK Brand Partner Case Study: EE

Mobile pioneers, EE set out on a journey to encourage Gen Z students to spend in a new category; broadband and mobile. The solution? A data-driven student loyalty program spanning multiple channels.

UK Brand Partner Case Study: LOOKFANTASTIC

Already favoured by Millenials, LOOKFANTASTIC has well and truly won Gen Z over by making their favourite luxury beauty brands more accessible. The result? A 200% overnight growth in revenue.

UK Brand Partner Case Study: & Other Stories

& Other Stories faced the challenge of convincing students to make long term investments in their wardrobes. Out of this, their collaboration with Student Beans was born.

Cyber Week US: Campaign Success Stories

Wondering what last year’s top performing brands all had in common? We’re sharing the secrets behind the most popular deals with the student audience so that you can take a leaf out of their book.

Cyber Week UK: Campaign Success Stories

Check out 2019’s hall of fame, including household names, Gymshark, MyProtein, Benefit and Boohoo. Find out what made their campaign stand out from the rest.

Case Study Pack 2020: US Brands

We’ve compiled success stories from some of the fastest-growing global brands who all have one thing in common. Student markeing has been a strong focus in each brand’s journey.

US Brand Partner Case Study: Home Chef

When one of America’s leading meal kit companies realized broadening their audience would be crucial to achieving their ambitious next steps, they turned to Student Beans.