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Summer Spending Hub

You’ve heard of Black Friday, Freshers, and the January sales – now it’s time to meet April Loan Drop. At the start of the spring term, 94% of students across the UK receive a huge bulk payment of their maintenance loan. As the biggest loan drop of the year, it determines how students spend their money for the rest of spring, summer and beyond. The key to guaranteeing student loyalty and putting your brand on their radar is understanding spending patterns during this crucial time. So, dig into our summer spending resources, blogs and student stories and align your marketing with their expectations.

Summer Spending resources

If you’re questioning the significance of April Loan Drop, we’ve broken it down in numbers. Once you’ve grasped the importance of nailing your strategy, our sector-specific guides take a deep dive into how student consumers manage their share of the £3 billion maintenance loan, how they spend in your sector, the trends that will impact spending in 2021 and tips for success with young people.

Summer Spending Guide

Every April, a huge £3 billion is paid out to students as a maintenance loan. It’s time to put your brand on their radars ahead of the summer months.

April loan drop in numbers

How do students spend their loan across categories? What’s the average student income? How long does it take them to spend their loan? Find out.

Summer Spending: Fashion

85% of students will buy fashion and accessories ahead of summer break. Do your ranges speak to their graduation and summer wardrobe needs?

Summer Spending: Food & Drink

Food and drink is an essential, a way of socialising, and a fitness consideration – as student budgets increase, know what they want from their grocery shop, at home and eating out experiences.

Summer Spending: Health & Beauty

Beauty, skincare and nutrition align closely with self-care – and as Gen Zs receive their biggest loan drop of the year, they’ll be looking for products that will become old favourites. Get your brand noticed.

Summer Spending: Entertainment

Traditionally, £240 million is spent on summer entertainment. As restrictions place festivals and holidays into question, find out how students plan to enjoy summer 2021 and align with their plans.

Summer Spending: Tech & Mobile

As 24% of students wait for their loan to drop before making a big investment, its time to pay attention to this demographic – does your brand align with their values?

UK students have £3 billion to spend over summer.

Define their category spending.

Summer spending on the blog

The lasting impacts of COVID-19 are expected to shape students summer break. Naturally, this will impact their spending – as they’ll lean on some categories more than others. Stick with us as we bring you weekly Gen Z insights in the run-up to April Loan Drop and then into the summer months, to help you win over student consumers when their disposable income is at a yearly high.

Win your share of students’ wallets this summer;

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