What time is it? Summer time!

That’s right, it’s time to start thinking about the summer vacation period and how you can boost your engagement with Gen Z students as they prepare for the best summer of their lives. And for those wondering, yes, we did just quote High School Musical 2.

After living through a pandemic over the last two summers, summer 2022 is set to be the biggest vacation period yet for students who have missed out on so much as a result of Covid-19. As the next generation of consumers, Gen Z should be on your radar – and the summer vacation period is your chance to make a solid impression with this cohort just in time for Back to School and the fall
shopping season.

Shaped by our Gen Z insights and quotes from real-life Gen Z college students, Student Beans is proud to present summer: reclaimed. Explore all our key themes for summer 2022, and get to grips with student spending over the long summer vacation period, plus all our marketing tips for this crucial retail period.

Let’s help students reclaim the summer.

Summer marketing: reclaimed

Tip 1: Promote boosted and limited-time offers

Offering boosted student discounts for a limited time reminds students that summer won’t last forever, and is an exclusive event. It will also create a sense of urgency – because Gen Z consumers won’t want to miss out on an exclusive deal.

Tip 2: Go all out with your messaging

Reclaiming the summer is all about releasing that pent-up energy and getting back to everything students love about summers gone by. Help them get excited about the vacation period by adjusting your messaging accordingly across your social, newsletter, online and instore content.

Tip 3: Tap into Gen Z nostalgia

WWe’ve already mentioned the likes of High School Musical 2 and Space Jam, and that was for good reason. This year, brands should consider the ways in which Gen Z nostalgia can be a part of their summertime marketing strategy. Utilize your social media platforms and meme content to tap into the moments that defined a Gen Z student’s childhood summer, as well as the trends from before they were born that are making a comeback. Think original Disney Channel movies like Camp Rock, and summertime food favorites like Dippin’ Dots.

Tip 4: Give your social media marketing an authentic reboot

We’ve already touched upon the impact social media has on Gen Zs’ purchasing decisions (90% have discovered a product on social media that they went on to buy), but how exactly can your brand content alert their attention? The answer: authenticity.

Student Beans’ research reveals that 93% of students say it’s important to them that a brand is authentic, so it’s crucial for brands to address this when formulating their social media marketing strategy. The key is not to be super polished – Gen Z sees straight through artificial content – so using peer-to-peer interaction is highly recommended. Employing micro-influencers to try out and communicate your product to their Gen Z followers will help spark an interest and build that all-important trust between consumer and brand.

Tip 5: Inject an element of surprise

WAs well as student discounts, Gen Z students love to get involved in brand competitions and giveaways. To ramp up excitement in the lead up and during the summer vacation period, consider handing out freebies with purchases, promoting a giveaway or competition on social media, or pushing out random quick-fire offers that last for no more than 24 hours.

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