The summer months are when UK students forge their identities. With a huge university holiday at their disposal, they have infinite possibilities – to travel, to get their first taste of employment, to return back to their families, or to explore their new university city. Many embark on a combination of all four.

The past two summers have not been typical – mapped out by postponed festivals and travel red lists instead of core memories and milestones on the route to adulthood. But as we move into our third summer with COVID-19, we have a better understanding of how life can progress.

Students can finally reclaim these all-important summer months. Here, you’ll find everything you need to reach them during this time. Understand the core emotional mood that will govern Gen Zs for the foreseeable future. Get a comprehensive overview of their spending and budgeting during the summer months.

Learn how you can support Gen Z 
as they embrace adventure, nightlife and events – many for the first time

Summer marketing: reclaimed

Tip 1: Promote boosted and limited-time offers

Offering boosted student discounts for a limited time reminds students that summer won’t last forever, and is an exclusive event. It will also create a sense of urgency – because Gen Z consumers won’t want to miss out on an exclusive deal.

Tip 2: Go all out with your messaging

Reclaiming the summer is all about releasing that pent-up energy and getting back to everything students love about summers gone by. Help them get excited about the summer holidays by adjusting your messaging accordingly across your social, newsletter, online and instore content.

Tip 3: Tap into Gen Z nostalgia

You have a full spectrum of past events and imagery to pick from – Gen Zs have the capacity to get nostalgic about time periods and events from before they were born, right up until recent months and years. Nostalgia is one of this generation’s major emotional motivators, making it a great way to tap into their world.

Tip 4: Inject an element of surprise

As well as student discounts, Gen Z students love to get involved in brand competitions and giveaways. To ramp up excitement in the lead up and during the summer vacation period, consider handing out freebies with purchases, promoting a giveaway or competition on social media, or pushing out random quick-fire offers that last for no more than 24 hours.

Tip 5: Give your social media marketing an authentic reboot

Student Beans’ research reveals that 93% of students say it’s important to them that a brand is authentic, so it’s crucial for brands to address this when formulating their social media marketing strategy. The key is not to be super polished – Gen Z sees straight through artificial content – so using peer-to-peer interaction is highly recommended. Employing nano-influencers to try out and communicate your product to their Gen Z followers will help spark an interest and build that all-important trust between consumer and brand.

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