Spring Break Myths vs Truths

Spring break myths vs truths

Infographics Jan 26th, 2022

Are you ready to kick off your spring break marketing strategy? Start by uncovering the myths and truths of spring break according to ...

Gen Z Dating Trends – UK

Guides Jan 11th, 2022

Get up-to-date insights from Student Beans' annual survey, exploring everything from how young people date to how this affects their spending. 

Gen Z Dating Trends – US

Guides Jan 11th, 2022

A must-read for US brands looking to engage with Gen Zs this Valentine's Day and beyond. Take a deep dive into how 16-24-year-olds ...

Silk Maison

Brand Partner Case Study: Silk Maison

Case Studies Nov 25th, 2021

Learn how we worked with Silk Maison to create a two-pronged solution, leveraging out conversion optimization technology and media suite, to student engagement ...

Brand Partner Case Study: Boohoo

Case Studies Nov 23rd, 2021

App technology is growing at a rapid rate. That’s why fashion brand Boohoo were quick to launch our in-app verification technology, Student Beans ...

Brand Partner Case Study: Papier

Case Studies Nov 22nd, 2021

Looking to take the global Gen Z audience by storm? Papier knows all about that. The UK-based stationery brand took their student discount ...

Festive Guide for Marketers

Guides Oct 5th, 2021

How will this festive period be different now that we’re grappling with COVID-19? What do Gen Z have on their wishlists? Is there ...

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