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There are lots of reasons to get excited about Freshers 2021. As COVID-19 restrictions ease, it’s set to be the ultimate release of pent-up demand – and with 80% of second-year students planning to take part alongside their first-year peers, it’s set to be a massive cultural event. This is where brand loyalties are forged – make sure yours is firmly on their radar.

Freshers resources

Make Freshers 2021 work for you with our role-specific Freshers Guides. Whether you’re a marketer, Ecommerce manager, or affiliate marketer, find out exactly what you need to do to win the hearts – and brand loyalty – of Gen Z students during their biggest event of the academic year.

Freshers: A Guide for Marketers

Delve into our Freshers Guide for marketers – packed with advice and insights to make your Freshers 2021 campaign strategy your most successful yet.

Freshers: A Guide for Ecommerce Managers

With advice and insights aimed specifically at ecom managers, this version of our guide will enhance your understanding of Freshers.

Freshers: A Guide for Affiliates

This edition of our Freshers Guide presents insights, tips and student perspectives through an affiliate lens, to help you prepare for the biggest student event of the year.

Freshers Campaign Checklist

Outline your strategy for Freshers 2021 with our campaign checklist – packed with key dates and actionable tips to enhance your campaign structure and delivery.

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Student stories

How are students preparing for Freshers in the midst of the new normal? We recently spoke to Maliha – a future Medicine student at Lancaster University – to find out what she’s looking forward to, what’s on her shopping list and more. You can also catch up on past Fresher’s experiences, by catching up on Amanda, Zoe and Kenneth’s interviews

“[I’m really excited to buy] the cheap stuff that’s available. You know, I’m all for cheap stuff – I’m all for offers and things. And I know Lancaster has a lot of shops around.”

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