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Freshers 2020 will be unlike any other. As students take their first steps away from home, they’ll be looking to brands to enrich their Freshers experience, influence their shopping habits and connect them with their peers – all in the midst of COVID-19. Ahead of Freshers 2020, we’ve curated everything you’ll need to make the best first impression on your future customers.

Freshers resources

How do you create a Freshers strategy that speaks to students’ excitement, takes COVID-19 into account, and keeps them coming back to you throughout uni and beyond? Start by reading our Freshers 2020 Ultimate Guide.

Freshers: The Ultimate Guide

Get the full picture of Freshers during Covid-19, understand when and how students shop for uni and ensure you’re making the most of it with our best practice guide.

Freshers: Webinar with Bulk Powders

Learn from Freshers veterans Bulk Powders as we question them on the challenges they faced and how they overcame these to grow their revenue grew by 511% in 2019.

Freshers: Marketing Checklist

Keep track of your strategy as it evolves. Our marketing checklist collates all of the key Freshers marketing action points in one handy place.

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Student stories

Hear directly from the people that matter most. We spoke with Zoe, Amanda and Kenneth to find out what made Freshers memorable for them – and what they’d like to see from brands.

Amanda, a 20-year-old student studying bioengineering.

“There were a few brands that were at the Freshers Fair. Domino’s was a big one - they were giving out free pizzas, which was incredible. I’m pretty sure in that first week I lived off Domino’s pizza.”

Zoe, aged 19. Studies psychology.

“Moving to a new place for the first time to such a big city, a lot more variety and more options on discounts would have been very helpful for me.”

Kenneth, a 21-year-old student studying computer science.

“I questioned how I would manage to survive living on my own without my family, and if I’d manage to cook and all of this stuff”

Freshers on the blog

Build a marketing strategy as resilient and adaptable as Gen Z. We’ll be posting updates on Freshers 2020 as and when they happen, bringing you the latest insights to hone your campaign.

This is our 15th Freshers – it’s safe to say we know the drill by now!

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