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Your ultimate take-away guide from the Affiliate Huddle 2021.

If any demographic is disrupting the world of affiliate marketing, it’s Gen Z. Aged 11-25, they make up the bulk of the UK’s 2.4 million students – and they’re forging brand loyalties that will last a lifetime.

In this latest guide from Student Beans – Empowering Students: a how-to guide – we get to the heart of what it’s like to be a student today. With specific advice and actionable insights for anyone working within the affiliate space, it’s a resource that’s designed to take your student affiliate strategy to the next level.

You’ll learn:

  • Meet Gen Z students. Learn the key figures that define this cohort, and understand how their identity as students intersects with their Gen Z characteristics.
  • Find out why they’re valuable. From loan drops to spending stats, get to grips with just how much spending power Gen Z students wield.
  • Plan your strategy. With key building blocks to creating the perfect affiliate strategy, you’ll find everything you need to reach success with Gen Z.

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