Back to School

Your gateway to 20m college students

We’ve been nurturing students through college for over 15 years. One thing that’s become apparent: there’s no season quite like Back to School. This year, Back to School will see Freshmen and their older peers embracing the season with similar enthusiasm – and nerves.

This content hub shares insights and advice so that your brand can be there for students as they make purchasing decisions, and form brand loyalties that will shape their identities for years to come.

Back to School resources

College students represent a vast opportunity. The 20 million strong cohort have an annual spending power of $303 billion and Back to School is when it all starts.

Whether you’re a marketer, an ecommerce manager or an affiliate exec, we’ve got resources you can lean on to help plan and execute a showstopping Back to School campaign that will attract, convert and engage students throughout their college journey.

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Student stories

So, what’s it really like to go to college in 2022? Hear from real-life students on how they handle Back to School, including what excites them, what makes them nervous and what makes it onto their shopping lists.

“I bought a few paper items like a calendar, planner, a whiteboard calendar and other desk items to hold my stapler, paper clips etc – everything that you’d need for school. I also got a few accessories like lamps, wall art, a rug, mirror and other stuff to decorate my room with.”

“I go pretty big before school starts. I do a lot of my shopping before because I like to be prepared. Most of the time that doesn’t happen until the academic year starts because I know exactly what I need for each class I’m taking so it’s kind of hit and miss.”

“I shop throughout the semester and kind of pick and choose as I figure out what I really need. Being completely online and choosing to stay that way has cut down my necessity list, so I usually keep it pretty simple.”

“I think having brands on campus is really great. As students, it’s good to know our favorite brands hear and support us. Regardless of whether your a student right now, people need to be supporting people – that’s just the tea.”

Back to school on the blog

Back to School 2022 is constantly evolving. Catch our latest blogs to go live to give your campaign strategy that reactive edge.

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