UK Panel Discussion: The Voice of Gen Z

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Meet Cianne, Ed and Lucia. As Gen Z students, they’re perfectly placed to tell you what you’re getting right when it comes to their generation – and how you could do even better.

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Webinar Overview

Authenticity. Activism. TikTok. Humour. Digitally native. All are words that have been used to describe Gen Z. But who exactly are they? When was the last time you sat down with a 16-24-year-old and heard exactly what they thought of your brand? 

This is your chance.

In this panel discussion, chaired by Student Beans’ Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Walker, you’ll get a window into what it really means to be a Gen Z student today – and a crash course in how brand loyalties are formed. There are two brands on the agenda, including yours – expect honest, actionable feedback that you can feed into your strategy.

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Mark Walker, CRO, Student Beans

Mark leads an 80+ strong international team across sales, marketing, account management and revenue operations at Student Beans. Previously he ran a consultancy helping seed to series-B SaaS companies to accelerate their revenue growth by defining and improving their go-to-market strategy. Prior to that, he was the CRO at Attest, a consumer insights platform, where they went from 0 to >£5m in revenue in under 3 years, growing from a single digital marketer to a revenue team of 35.

Cianne, a philosophy and journalism student from Hertfordshire

Cianne is studying Journalism and Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire. When she’s not babysitting her 3 siblings or working at her part-time job, she loves to enjoy the partying that comes with student life. She also enjoys spending time with her pet rabbit… and snake!

Lucia, a criminal justice and criminology graduate from Leeds

Lucia is a recent graduate of Leeds University where she studied Criminal Justice and Criminology. Her favourite past-time is, naturally, binging true crime podcasts and Netflix series. She also loves to stay glam and spends her cash on fashion and homewares. 

Ed, Studies History and Politics in Manchester

Ed is just about to begin his first year of university studies. He has a wide range of expensive hobbies that include DJing, food photography, and kitting out his kitchen with gadgets. He is sustainably focused and enjoys eco-conscious brands.

Gen Z and the Future of Ecommerce

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