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Gen Z and pent-up demand: a quick explainer

Gen Z and pent-up demand: a quick explainer

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As Gen Z college students embrace the release of pent-up demand, learn how you, as a US-based brand can tap into it with this quick video explainer.

Webinar overview

After a year of missed milestones, Gen Z college students are ready to re-enter the world. But as the vaccine rollout continues and we all begin to taste normality once more, where will their release of pent-up demand be focused? How will they balance COVID anxieties with the renewed need to connect with their peers? And – perhaps most crucially for young people at a pivotal life stage – how will they make up for lost time? 

Join Ryan Murphy at Student Beans for this seven-minute explainer video into Gen Z and post-pandemic life. Ryan will take you through over a year’s worth of insights into college students’ lives during the pandemic. Access informed predictions of what comes next for student consumers – and learn how your brand fits into that picture.


Ryan Murphy, Brand Manager at Student Beans

Ryan Murphy is Brand Manager here at Student Beans, where he specializes in partnering with brands to become their gateway to success with Gen Z. Within his seven years at Student Beans, Ryan’s team has worked to generate £1.5 bn in student revenue for over 1,000 brands. Passionate about connecting brand partners with their next generation of consumers, Ryan has previously spoken on Gen Z’s release of pent-up demand in a post-pandemic world. When he’s not working with brands to nurture their student consumers, he’s a keen bass guitarist.

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