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Missguided and the art of scroll-stopping content.

On Day 2 of Festival of Marketing, we joined Missguided on the main stage. Sign up below to watch the session on-demand now!

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Missguided and the art of scroll-stopping content

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Event Overview

Missguided has been quick to engage Gen Z and has been successful in doing so winning a large and loyal audience of digital natives.

Missguided’s success speaks to a wider trend – that of social media becoming a marketplace in its own right as increasing numbers becomes fully immersed in TikTok and other platforms like it. Join Student Beans and Missguided to discuss how they’ve secured the loyalty of many young people one 15-second video at a time – and learn the wider trends among what some call “generation TikTok”.


Simon Eder, Commercial Director, Student Beans

Simon Eder leads the Commercial team at Student Beans, a global student verification and marketing platform. Their award winning technology is used by over 1000 leading brands globally, to run their own student loyalty programmes and their publisher network helps brands engage with over 169 million student customers.

Sophie Walsh, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Missguided

Sophie currently leads the Affiliate Channel and Strategy at Missguided and previously worked to launch and grow the affiliate channel at athleisure giant Gymshark & start-up Saint and Sofia. After working with Student Beans for a number of years Sophie is well versed in everything Student Marketing and has worked collaboratively with Student Beans on a series of multimillion pound campaigns and projects.

Millie Rodgers, Student Affiliate Assistant, Missguided

Millie is the Student Affiliate Assistant at Missguided and leads the student proposition across the business. Millie has been at Missguided for the past year where she has started her career in affiliates, after graduating in 2020. Millie has led a number of student campaigns for Missguided alongside student affiliate partners, student ambassadors and university societies.

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