Domino’s spills the beans: How to be remembered by Gen Z for the right reasons

Join us as we talk first impressions, gamification, international expansion, and adapting to continue to win Gen Z’s hearts during the pandemic and beyond.

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Webinar Overview

Gen Z students have been at the forefront of many of the major COVID-19 implications. With disruptions to daily life, career options and of course their education, they’ve grappled with a lot of altered circumstances and have been forced to adapt.

Fortunately, the brands they love have adapted with them. From gamification and interactivity to making that crucial first impression on Freshers, brands took it back to the drawing board and made Freshers 2020 one to remember for all the right reasons. One such brand is Domino’s.

Join Student Beans as we talk to Domino’s about the benefits of using gamification and interactivity in marketing during COVID, the challenges of expanding internationally and why it truly pays off to put Gen Z students at the heart of your marketing strategy.


Kathy Connolly-Livings, Domino's

Having spent 6 years at Dominos, Kathy is currently focused on driving traffic to Domino’s online platforms via performance marketing channels. The brand’s digital footprint was large prior to the pandemic, but 2020 shifted the dial even further in favour of online ordering. Kathy’s team has since focused on how to capture as much traffic as possible. Students are a key audience for Domino’s and they have a long-term partnership with Student Beans to aid student engagement.

Mark Walker, CRO, Student Beans

Mark leads an 80+ strong international team across sales, marketing, account management and revenue operations at Student Beans. Previously he ran a consultancy helping seed to series-B SaaS companies to accelerate their revenue growth by defining and improving their go-to-market strategy. Prior to that, he was the CRO at Attest, a consumer insights platform, where they went from 0 to >£5m in revenue in under 3 years, growing from a single digital marketer to a revenue team of 35.

Gen Z and the Future of Ecommerce

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