Net Promoter Score: how Student Beans put trust at the heart of our students’ experience

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Trust is one of the most important pillars for any ecommerce platform – and it’s one that we take very seriously here at Student Beans. For this reason, we’re really proud to have attained an NPS score of 48, as well as a consistent Trustpilot rating of 4.5 or higher for the past four months. 

What is NPS? 

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It’s a measure of how loyal a customer is to a company. It was first developed in 2003, and is one of the most established and reputable ways to track customer satisfaction. You can read a bit more about NPS here. 

As you can imagine, Student Beans takes loyalty very seriously – we want the best experience for our users, and we want to be a strong representative of excellent customer experience on behalf of all of our brand partners, too. 

Student Beans’ NPS rating 

As of December 2021, Student Beans’ NPS rating stood at 48 – having grown by 5 since November. This means there are plenty of student users out there who would recommend their experience with Student Beans to others. 

This sentiment is backed up by our Trustpilot rating, too – which as of December 2021 stood at 4.5. We look at Trustpilot reviews because users are able to provide commentary with their reviews – this allows us to see what we’re doing well, and correct any prevalent issues. 

For the past four months, “great discounts” and “easy to use” were common themes in our Trustpilot reviews. Again, this is something to be celebrated – not only are we proud to provide this service to our student users, but we’re also thrilled to act as an emblem of trust on behalf of our brand partners. Our aim is to give our student users the confidence to try out new brands, as well as remaining loyal to old favorites. 

How we got here

Students – particularly Gen Z students – have high expectations when it comes to their digital experiences. So, how do we maintain positive scores across these public platforms? 

  • Quick response times. We know that for our Gen Z user base, customer service is key. It’s no good having the tone of voice right, or boosting presence on the right platforms – without a dedicated support team to answer our users’ queries, we wouldn’t be where we are today. 
  • Multiple touchpoints. When a user reviews Student Beans, they’re not just talking about our app, or our website. They’re talking about every single touchpoint we offer them – from the moment they start browsing, to that final transaction. We know that Gen Zs use multiple touchpoints as they move down the funnel – and we’re constantly reviewing every stage to give the very best user experience. 
  • Building a community. It’s always been our priority to go beyond the discount, and offer long-lasting value to students’ experiences. With 680k engaged followers across platforms and territories, we’re able to localize content, adding a face to Student Beans – but also to every brand we partner with. 

Students trust Student Beans – and we act as an emblem of trust to the brands we work with, too. Ready to find out more about working with us? Head this way.

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