Student Beans LIVE in China

Student Beans launches in China

In just over a year since opening our APAC regional office in Melbourne, Australia, Student Beans has doubled in size, moved to bigger offices across multiple regions, signed over 100 new brands and grown our user engagement in APAC alone by over 400%!

With global brands continuing to see the benefit in selling to the APAC region, specifically within the Chinese market, student verification coverage for this locale became a common request from our current partners. Putting wheels in motion, today we can say that we’ve pulled off our biggest website projects to date, the launch of our localised Chinese website.

Student Beans China, launched 31st October 2019

The launch of the localised version of Student Beans involved pulling resources from all areas of the business: our engineering tribes, the product team, operations and account management. A great deal of work was undertaken to ensure that the translation and user experience stayed true to Chinese culture and our own brand. Having already established an online presence across 15 different countries, the Chinese site needed to live up to expectations.

Student Beans launches in China

Brands already involved:

Nearly a month since our launch and we have some amazing brands onboard. Chinese students now have access to the likes of, Strawberry Net, Look Fantastic CN, My Protein and Fotor, to name just a few.

A note from Maggie, Marketing Specialist, Fotor:

“Student Beans’ verification technology has enabled us to target students directly, which is the main consumer group for Fotor. We have always been working to try to tap into the student market to offer them a discount while they can easily access our products, and Student Beans have helped us to make this happen. We are very pleased to partner with Student Beans for our international market which includes the US, Japan and Europe. Expansion to China is very exciting for both parties, we will continue to grow our student sales as well as brand awareness through the partnership.”

A note from William Harris, Head of Growth, Student Beans:

“We have been providing our student verification technology for brands to use in China for some time so it was a natural next step for us to launch our localised website in China as well. We are excited to be growing and more importantly support all our clients that have been asking us to help in extending their student programme to the Chinese market. It was an outstanding team effort that has made this possible and we are extremely grateful to everyone who played their part in ensuring that we launched on time.” 

Are you looking to grow in the Chinese market and beyond?

The global brands that partner with us experience up to 5 times more revenue from their student marketing efforts. If you’re interested in positioning your brand in front of our growing student network, across China, globally, online, in-store and via our app, get in touch.

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