Big news: Student Beans launches In-app Connect!

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We’ve launched a brand-new way to verify students – in-app! Here’s the full lowdown on In-app Connect from Student Beans… 

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The ultimate conversion optimization tool for your brand’s app has just arrived. If you’re familiar with Student Beans Connect (and let’s face it – you should be!) you’ll know that it verifies students in their shopping hotspots, ensuring you never lose revenues to unverified student consumers. Well, we’re bringing that same secure, speedy technology in-app – your app, that is.

Why verify students in-app?

Time and time again, our research has shown that Gen Z students have multiple touchpoints along their path to purchase. They might explore their options on desktop, where they can open multiple tabs and flick between them all, but head straight to your app to securely purchase the goods. But now, more than ever, retail app usage is growing – fast. For Gen Z, it is up 60% year-on-year, with our student users praising the security and speed that they get while making in-app purchases.

In-app Connect: the basics

In-app Connect is your way to verify Gen Z students within your app ecosystem, optimizing conversion rates and turning browsers into loyal repeat consumers. Our Software Development Kits (SDKs) are easy for you to integrate – taking just 10 minutes – and once students enter your app, it’s easy for them to authenticate their status, too. The verification process is quick and simple – once complete, they’ll be provided with a code which they’ll copy and paste to redeem their discount at check-out. And best of all? It takes place within your app.

In-app Connect: the benefits

Our Connect technology is proven to optimize conversion rates – and with in-app purchases on the rise among this demographic, integrating In-app Connect is a sure-fire way to guarantee that they spend with you rather than your competitors. Once Gen Z students have your app, they’re in your ecosystem – and you can continue to nurture them throughout their degrees and beyond.

Ready to start optimizing student conversions in-app? Contact us today to find out more about In-app Connect.

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