Golden Link Awards: Student Beans wins Best International Strategy

Winner: Golden Link Awards APAC 2020

After a busy year adapting our strategy and focusing on key territories, Student Beans has been recognized for our creative and proactive approach to growing in the APAC region.

Yesterday, Student Beans teams around the world had massive cause for celebration: we won the Best International Strategy Award in the 2020 Golden Link Awards! Hosted by Rakuten Advertising, the awards recognized performance marketing leaders across the APAC region, celebrating the contributions they have made to the industry.

“The winner of this award is an advertiser or publisher who utilized Rakuten advertising’s expertise to expand their reach across borders”, said Daniel Christ, Client Services Manager at Rakuten Advertising, who presented the Award via a virtual ceremony. “The winner has shown creativity and innovation through their international strategy”.


During the past year, Student Beans has connected brands across the APAC region with our extensive student user base. We’ve seen particular success in China, which has formed the basis of our international strategy this year. 2020 was instrumental not only for our own growth as a provider of end-to-end student verification and marketing solutions, but also for that of our newly-established clients in the Chinese market.

Ruth Baney, Managing Director for the APAC Region, said: “Student Beans has taken strong steps to ensure a bright future within China. I’m really proud of the entire APAC team for their hard work in building our international presence this year, and I can’t wait to see where we go next.”

This year, we set China firmly within our sights with a three-pronged approach: cross-border eCommerce, marketing Chinese brands to Chinese students, and bringing international brands to the Chinese market. We recognized early on that the Chinese market is multifaceted, and took steps to resonate with tech brands, marketplaces and luxury retailers alike. Through the relationships we cultivated and the research we conducted, we set up student programs for leading brands that had never before considered the global student market.

Mark Walker, Chief Revenue Officer at Student Beans, said: “Student Beans’ expansion into China has been instrumental in driving global revenue growth to new heights. We’re excited to continue our work with some huge Chinese tech brands, including Huawei and OnePlus, as we move into 2021.”

As the year draws to a close, we have strong partnerships with a number of leading Chinese brands, including Aliexpress, Huawei and LovelyWholeSale – to name just a few. LovelyWholeSale commented: “The student market has never been our focus in the past, but Student Beans have proven us wrong.”

We’re delighted to have won Best International Strategy and would like to congratulate all of the other winners in the 2020 Golden Link Awards.

We’re still growing – and we’d love you to be part of the story. Contact us to find out how you can launch your brand’s student program.

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