Student Beans launches its social impact programme

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Having already supported millions of students nationwide with exclusive deals and discounts throughout the years, our new social impact programme aims to provide students with the support, tools and opportunities they need to successfully thrive.

How will Student Beans support students?

As a brand at the heart of everyday student life, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing students today. We’ve identified some key priority areas where we can make a real difference to the lives of all students: 

1. Levelling the playing field for underrepresented and disadvantaged students

2. Working to create a more sustainable and equitable future for the next generation

3. Committing to help students with mental health advice and support 

Partnering with incredible charities

To kick off our programme we’re announcing a new long-term partnership with the leading student-led social mobility charity, The 93% Foundation. As their first-ever Campaign Partner, we’ll be helping the team at The 93% Foundation to raise awareness of the opportunity gap for state-educated students and break down the stigma associated with being state school-educated.

We’ll also help upskill the charity through bespoke workshops and share our resources with student members of 93% Clubs across the country.

What else will Student Beans be doing?

Our programme focuses on three pillars: People, Students and Planet. You can view our social impact framework below. 

Under our People pillar, we’ll ensure we foster an open and inclusive culture here at Student Beans and use our platform to drive equality and opportunity. As part of this, we’re looking to support student entrepreneurs, as well as entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups who have faced historical barriers in starting their own businesses. If you think you fit one of these categories and are interested in seeing how Student Beans can help promote your business to students, please email us.

Under our Planet pillar, we are committing to promote more sustainable lifestyles through our work with our brand partners. We’ve also signed up to the UN Race to Zero campaign which will see us achieving net-zero emissions as a minimum by 2030.

Over the course of the coming year, we will be announcing further new partnerships and initiatives to ensure that having a positive social impact is at the heart of everything we do. 

How can brand partners help?

As the experts in Gen Z and student marketing, we’ve seen how much the next generation has come to expect of brands and how to do it right. We’re actively looking for brand partners who want to collaborate with us and have a real impact on the lives of students. Please get in touch with our Social Impact Manager and let’s have a chat!

To find out more about our social impact programme, check out our new website.

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