World’s first student discount network launched by Student Beans and Rakuten

Student Beans X Rakuten partnership

Whether you have a blog, social media page, mobile app or business website, affiliate marketing presents an exciting opportunity for you to earn commission through the advertisement of some of the world’s fastest-growing brands.

This week, Student Beans and Rakuten launched a new partnership that excitingly has changed the way publishers have access to student discounts from the world’s leading brands.

The first of its kind, this unique model lists Student Beans as a merchant on the Rakuten Marketing affiliate network, giving publishers complete transparency across every brand offering a discount to the student market.

Student Beans X Rakuten partnership

If you’re a publisher, here’s why you should ‘get with the program’

Access to exclusive offers:

Student Beans works exclusively with 1000+ global brands, including the likes of Dominos, Ted Baker, boohoo and a number of premium and luxury brands that don’t usually promote offers on their goods. Student Beans via the Rakuten platform now provides a gateway that will give you access to a range of student offers, listed in one space, those you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Gain a revenue stream:

Rakuten’s advanced technology makes it easy to track results and get paid commission. Those publishers who are already utilising the Student Beans offers have seen revenue from their student users increase by up to 10x and with this program in place generating revenue is only going to get easier.

Grow your student audience: 

By offering student discounts, on the brands that the youth market love, you will have the opportunity to increase engagement with this strategic demographic by 5x. This new program will allow you to create a secondary revenue stream while attracting and engaging a valuable 18-24 user base.

Find out more about our publisher solutions to grow your reach within the student market and earn commission through our unique affiliate program.

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