New brands on Student Beans: Craghoppers, Dharma Bums, Retro Stage and more

Alya skin image featuring two women using face masks

From activewear to retro, we welcomed a huge range of apparel brands on board in November. But that’s not all. Here’s a roundup of our latest partners to make waves in student markets across the world.

Alya Skin (AUS)

Skincare brand Alya Skin is on a mission to engage with the Gen Z audience – and Student Beans is on hand to help them fulfil it. Bringing together the principles of affordability and quality that student consumers love so much, the brand launched this month with lucrative 15% discount. By also including a link to their discount in their header, they’re best placed to drive engagement and purchases from the student market. 

Banggood (UK, US)

A Chinese marketplace with an array of gadgets, Banggood set its sights on digitally native students in the UK and US. Student Beans worked with Banggood to launch with a 10% student discount – a sure-fire way to attract young consumers and provide that extra incentive for higher-order values.

Becker (US)

A pile of Becker Learning flashcards.

New year, new career? For all of the students focusing their futures towards an accountancy career, Becker is the answer. The education brand launched on Student Beans with a lucrative free gift offer that’s sure to strike the right chord with our student users.

Craghoppers (UK)

74% of UK students make fitness-related new years’ resolutions – and outdoor brand Craghoppers is now poised to tap into that market. They launched on Student Beans this November with a 15% discount offer, giving them the edge against competitors among the student market.

Dharma Bums (AU)

Two women wear Dharma Bums apparel

Tapping into the lucrative student market, ethical yoga and athleisure brand Dharma Bums is now live on Student Beans with an enticing 20% discount. The brand is well-poised to factor into students’ New Year fitness agendas.

Ultamodan (UK)

Tapping into students’ love of stackable discounts, fashion disrupter Ultamodan is the latest clothing brand to join the Student Beans family this month. With a 70% off standard offer combined with 20% student discount, they’re sure to be a hit with fashion-conscious students from the offset. (US and UK)

Travel brand has taken on two of the most exciting student markets this month, launching in the US and UK with a stackable student discount. We look forward to working with them to grow their student consumer bases on both sides of the pond.

Retro Stage (US)

Two women wearing 1920's clothing from the brand Retro Stage.

Fashion trends have been dominated by vintage revivals for the past year – making it the perfect time for Retro Stage to launch their 10% off student discount with Student Beans. The fashion brand has integrated Student Beans technology and included a link in their header to maximize engagement from the student market.

Is your brand’s new years’ resolution to drive revenue from Gen Z? If so, there’s no better time to work with Student Beans. Request a demo today to find out what we can do for you. 

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