New brands on Student Beans: Ticketmaster, Swappie, Lacoste and more

A gig

It’s a fashion-heavy month here at Student Beans, with high-street giants, athleisure heroes and luxury juggernauts entering our world of student consumers. Plus, we announce our very exciting partnership with Ticketmaster.


Student Beans is delighted to announce our partnership with Ticketmaster. Events are a huge part of students’ university life, and the loyalties they establish today will stay with them for life – that goes for the gigs, festivals and sporting events they attend, and the company providing them. We know that this will be the start of a fantastic partnership. 

Reef (US) 

reef sandals

From Spring Break to summer vacation, Reef has entered the student market at just the right time, launching with a 10% student discount. To spread their offer far and wide, Reef also invested in Student Beans media. We can’t wait to see them make a splash with our student consumers. 

Puma (UK) 

a model wears Puma apparel

A stalwart of the athleisure industry, Puma has long been on the radars of young fashionistas. Now, Puma is expanding its reach even further, promoting their own 15% student offer via a range of Student Beans media. 

Sketchers (UK) 

a collage featuring Sketchers shoes

Continuing with the athleisure and activewear theme, Sketchers launched on Student Beans this month with a lucrative 20% discount. Offering 1/5th off a purchase is a great way to stay competitive and really entice students to click “buy”. No doubt, UK students across the country will soon be donning Sketchers. 

Swappie (DE, DK IE) 

three young people pose with tech products

Swappie has long been making headlines due to its impressive growth and financial prowess – not least in the Financial Times, where it was named the number one fastest-growing company in Europe. We’re excited to partner with Swappie – and no doubt students will be instrumental to their global growth, too. 

Forever21 (UK) 

Forever 21 garments

Forever21 is a fashion staple on the high street – now, the brand is taking its digital expansion one step further with a Student Beans listing and accompanying media. Welcome aboard! 

Lacoste (UK DE FR) 

models wear Lacoste's Minecraft collection

Luxury fashion is not a new feat among savvy Gen Z shoppers – and Laocste, in particular, taps into that noughties nostalgia that Gen Zs have come to love. Launching in three strategic territories – UK, Germany and France – the luxury brand is set for world domination. 

Braun (UK) 

A woman uses a Braun face product

Specialising in shavers and grooming electronics (but also selling much more), Braun is giving students a cool 15% off all purchases. We’re excited to see where this goes! 

Adidas (Various) 

Young people pose in Adidas outfits

Sportswear giant Adidas has catapulted itself into the student sphere this month, with listings across Student Beans territories to promote its 35% offer. This offer will be supported with Gen Z-centric media from Student Beans. 

Adobe (AU) 

Adobe's photoshop in action

For Aussie students kicking off their uni experience this month, the right software is essential. Adobe has swooped in at just the right time, partnering with us to list its 70% student discount. 

Be next in line

All of these brands know the benefits of offering student discounts to generate long-term loyalty. Do you? Start building out your own Gen Z student customer base. Get in touch today. 

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