New brands on Student Beans: Uber Eats, Starface World, NET-A-PORTER and more

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The latest selection of brands to partner with Student Beans across the globe are quintessentially Gen Z. Think indie skincare, luxury fashion, delivery apps and more… 

Uber Eats (US)

Uber eats being eaten on some grass

If there’s one thing that Gen Z students were doing more during lockdown, it was ordering takeout. 65% of college students are regular takeout eaters, and one-third of all students say they’ve upped their habit since COVID-19 struck. By launching on Student Beans with a listing, UberEats is officially entering their universe – offering student users 50% off their first three orders.

Starface World (US, UK)

More starface images

We’ve already talked about Starface World’s debut on TikTok feeds across the world. Well, now they’re debuting on Student Beans, too! The skincare brand is ethical, Instagrammable and now even more affordable – and for Gen Z, that’s a wrap. Expect to see starfaces all over campuses, both sides of the pond. 

Bose (UK, EU)

Bose headphones worn by a girl

As lockdown restrictions continue, UK-based Gen Z students will still be partying at home for a little bit longer – but thanks to Bose landing on Student Beans, they can do so in style. The audio brand has launched with a lucrative £25 off orders over £100 – which will surely convince tech-savvy music listeners to pile their baskets high.


Luxury is not an alien world for Gen Z. It’s quite the opposite – and we’ll be talking more about that at YMS:ONLINE this July. But for now, we’re celebrating the arrival of luxury retailer NET-A-PORTER on Student Beans sites across the world. Designer-driven students rejoice!

GoPuff (US)

Gopuff produce

Students may be getting their takeaway fix via UberEats – but GoPuff now has them covered for essentials. With an array of offers to appeal to financially-savvy Gen Zs, their listing in the US will surely lead to a new base of engaged young consumers.

Qatar Airways (UK, US, AU)

As those first holiday snaps start to filter through on Instagram, we’re all thinking more about holidays. For international students, though, international travel is an essential component to their degree. Qatar Airways is leading the way with their Student Club – which offers student discounts that get incrementally better the more students fly with them. Airlines, take note!

Baltimore Orioles & New York Mets (US)

Major League Baseball continues to become more accessible to college students with the arrival of the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Mets on Student Beans. Great news for younger fans achieving financial independence for the first time!

Baseball field


A group of Gen Z students wearing TOMS

And finally, putting their best foot forward this June, we welcome TOMS to the Student Beans family over in the US. Striking the balance between students’ love for ethical fashion and need for affordable options, they’re sure to be a hit during the summer months.

Is July calling?

These eight brands barely scratched the surface of our new partners for June 2021 – and the Student Beans family just keeps on getting bigger. We’d love to welcome you on board! If a bigger share of the Gen Z market sounds like a bit of you, contact us today.

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