New Brands on Student Beans: Calvin Klein, Clarins, Contiki and more

Intego image

It’s the start of a new year, which can only mean one thing – new brands on Student Beans! We’ve kicked 2021 off in style, welcoming Calvin Klein, Clarins, and Tommy Hilfiger into the mix – plus so many more.

Intego (UK, US, CA, AU, FR)

Just in time for the January loan drop,  Intego has launched with an enticing 50% student discount. With offers across a number of key territories, the Mac security software company is poised to maximise their exposure to students across the world.

Lyko (DE, NL, AT, PL)

Leading Swedish beauty retailer Lyko selected a few key European countries in which to launch its student discount. With a 10% offer now established across four key student hubs, Lyko has set itself up for growth among Gen Z beauty fanatics.

Calvin Klein (UK)

Kalvin Klein image

As a huge name in the luxury space, Calvin Klein has taken steps to continue its domination of the UK student market. With 10% student discount now available to all in-store shoppers, there’s no question that the luxury brand will be as ubiquitous with the next generation as with their older counterparts.

Yours Clothing, BadRhino and Long Tall Sally (UK)

The trio of clothing brands – all of which sit under the parent company AK Retail Holdings – have taken a tactical step towards the UK student market, launching across all three brands with a 10% discount. To maximise their reach, all three brands have also opted to make their discount stackable with sale items. 

C4 Energy (US)

College students across the US can now start 2021 with maximum energy, thanks to C4 Energy. The energy drink brand has gone live on Student Beans with a 25% student discount, appealing to this financially-savvy Gen Z student demographic.

C4 Energy image

Bing Lee (AU)

With O-Week just around the corner, Bing Lee picked a tactical time to partner with Student Beans. Recognising the value of a money-off deal when it comes to higher-order-values, the electronics retailer is ready to engage students as they begin their university shopping.

Contiki (UK)

Contiki facilitates travel and adventure holidays for the 18-35-year-olds – making it the perfect latest addition to Student Beans. By incentivising UK students with a £50 money off deal, the travel brand is ready to engage with a whole new range of Gen Z consumers.

Contiki travel image

New Skills Academy (UK)

New year, new skillset? It’s certainly the case for students, who can now get 79% off New Skills Academy courses in a wide variety of topics. The online learning provider is speaking to two of Gen Z’s defining characteristics – their desire to learn, and their financial savviness.

Clarins (FR)

Clarins featured image

As luxury purchases continue to skyrocket among student consumers, the arrival of Clarins on Student Beans in France will no doubt be music to Gen Z’s ears. The luxury skincare brand launches with a 20% discount offer.

Post Office (UK) 

Identifying that financially-savvy Gen Zs are very much in the market for travel insurance, The Post Office became one of the newest members of the Student Beans family last month. By launching with a 10% student discount covering COVID-19 related issues, the insurance provider speaks to their wanderlust while satisfying their anxieties.

Tommy Hilfiger (UK)

Across the country, luxury apparel has become more and more commonplace among students, with quality and brand name factoring heavily into their fashion choices. All of this makes it the perfect time for Tommy Hilfiger to join Student Beans, offering in-store shoppers 10% off.

Step into 2021 with us. Whatever your brand’s New Years’ resolution is for 2021, Student Beans is your gateway to Gen Z. Start the year off right – request a demo and see how we can help you achieve results and secure the lifetime loyalty of the next generation.

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