New Brands on Student Beans: Fitbit, The Home Depot, Kate Spade & More

A dorm room ready for Back to School season

It’s Back to School season – and the latest brands to join Student Beans are certainly a pleasure to have in the class. Check them out below – who knows, maybe next term it could be your brand!


74% of students kicked off this year with some sort of health and fitness resolution – and Gen Z students are big fans of tech integration. So it makes sense that WHOOP is going straight on their shopping lists for Back to School. The personalized fitness app launched last month in the UK, AU and Germany on Student Beans with a lucrative 15% off for students. 

Ben Sherman (UK) 

Gen Z students are increasingly drawn to high-end brands – which makes it the perfect time for Ben Shearman to launch among the UK student audience. With 71% of UK students on the lookout for clothing during the Freshers season, it’s a strategic time for Ben Shearman to launch with their 20% student discount. 

Students ready for Back to School wearing Ben Shearman

Firm Abs (US, UK, AU, CA)

Just in time for the big return to campus (or in the case of AU, the winter workout season), athleisure brand Firm Abs has joined Student Beans with a 20% discount. We know that they’ll be a roaring success in the four strategic territories they’ve chosen to launch in. 

Getting Back-to-School ready with Firmabs' workout gear

Kate Spade (UK, IE, NL, BE) 

The latest luxury brand opting to expand their reach to the student audience is the inimitable Kate Spade. The designer brand launches in the UK, IE, NL and BE with a tactical listing on Student Beans to draw in those key Gen Z consumers. 

The perfect Kate spade Back-to-School book bag

The Economist (UK and US) 

Yup – you heard it here first. The Economist has come to Student Beans! With so many students heading back to school during this time, they’re typically on the hunt for enhanced reading options. And by listing their offering on Student Beans in both the UK and US, the Economist is planting itself firmly within their sights. 

The Economist featuring on a student's laptop


The start of a degree is, for many students, the start of a whole new chapter in life. It’s also the first time many will seek out their first bank account. By offering cashback to new students as they embark on their journey towards financial independence, TSB is on track to tap into a new generation of loyal customers. 

The Home Depot (US)

Of course, homewares are high on the shopping lists for students during Back to School season. And our student insiders listed Home Depot as their top spot to pick up homewares, with 53% of them having bought from the brand in the past 12 months. Now that Home Depot has launched on Student Beans with a listing, we only expect that number to rise. 

A dorm room ready for Back to School season

Fitbit (UK) 

Adding to the array of fitness and athleisure brands joining Student Beans this autumn is Fitbit – the wearable tech brand has established itself on Student Beans with a listing to draw attention to its 20% discount. Students – time to get moving! 

Two new students enjoying a coffee with their Fitbits

Class in session?

If you’re tempted to join the ranks of these brands, our door is always open. Book in a demo with our friendly team to understand just what our tech could do for you. 

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