In-app update: All of the new in-app media we’re launching in 2022

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We’ve got some fantastic new app media features brewing for 2022. Here’s what you need to know. 

In a nutshell…

In 2022, Student Beans will launch a number of in-app media placements in our UK and US apps. As of January 4 2022, a number of these media placements will be released in Beta for a limited period of time. Once we’ve finalized the details, the media placements will be widely available. 

Why advertise in-app? 

For Gen Z, apps are the new storefronts. Retail app usage has increased steadily by 70% year-on-year, and according to Student Beans research,  in-app purchases are the most common way for Gen Zs to pay. 

For that reason, 2021 was the year that we launched In-app Connect – a way for brands to instantly verify students from within their own ecommerce apps. In 2022, we’re taking it to the next level. 

The new Student Beans app media placements are your chance to meet Gen Z where and when they shop – amplifying your brand at key moments throughout the typical Student Beans in-app user journey. 

Currently brewing: the in-app media placements to look out for 

From left to right: app splash screen, search placement, hero placement

App splash screen

Be the first brand that students see as they open the Student Beans app. This strategically-placed logo is the ultimate way to boost brand awareness – just as students enter our app, where they can access your discount.

Hero placement 

Booking an in-app hero placement puts your brand front and center of our app marketplace – quite literally. Every student user who opens the Student Beans app will see this placement – and you’ll receive in-depth tracking and reporting of the placement and offer performance.

Search placement 

As soon as a student enters the Student Beans app, they’re likely to hit “search”. With this placement, you have the opportunity to meet them there, at a pivotal moment in their user journey. Your brand will pop up right beneath the search bar – and like with the hero placement, you’ll be able to track performance of this placement and your offer performance. 

We’ll release more updates when these features move out of the Beta stage. In the meantime, In-app Connect has well and truly arrived – and you can find out more about how to get it here. 

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