Greggs and Student Beans: A Partnership Success Story

Student Beans success story: Greggs

Greggs on a roll! (Excuse the pun) 

Earlier last year Greggs, the largest and most iconic bakery chain in the UK, made headlines when they answered a petition of more than 20,000 people, requesting that a vegan sausage roll be available on our high street.

Since the success of one of the most anticipated launches of 2019, Greggs’ marketing team have looked to continue their success by satisfying another consumer group; trying a new approach with the student market.

The Student Beans and Greggs partnership: 

Wanting to create a student offer that was going to stand out against last years back to school discounts, Greggs partnered with Student Beans to give FREE sausage rolls and vegan sausage rolls to 100,000 students, throughout the month of October.

Snapped up by an army of students across the country; Greggs for a second time in 2019 made headlines.

Although their October offer came to an end, Greggs and Student Beans have created an ‘always on student programme’ that continues to propel the brand forward. This approach not only continues to build Greggs’ rapport with the student market, it equally allows them to compete with deals offered by KFC and McDonalds, both of whom use the Student Beans platform to facilitate their student programmes.

Throughout last year Greggs had not only shown that they are customer centric, they have proven that heading into 2020 they aren’t afraid to evolve in order to meet consumers changing appetites.

Their October campaign with Student Beans, which proved an incredible success, highlights just how susceptible students are to those bands who talk their language. The younger demographic are the future consumers and influential amongst their peers. Today, in order to create brand loyalty, it’s essential that brands take extra steps to win student consumers affection.

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