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47% of Gen Z say visiting coffee shops is one of their favourite hobbies and interests
Top 3 Food & Drink is one of Gen Z’s top 3 favourite categories

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Hear from Graham, 2nd Year Student at University of the Highlands

“When I can access the high street, I do prefer going to these and enjoy having a surprise and a browse; instead if I’m going on a website itself, I’ll go straight to the search bar for whatever I’m looking for which is less of an experience. I want to enjoy my experience while shopping.”

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KFC linked their student discount to their app, so student users could unlock exclusive savings and offers.

Students have been spending $3+ million annually via the KFC student program, and it’s continuing to grow year on year.

“Our student program has shown us just how much students love KFC. Now we can measure, track and grow our student sales” – Marketing Manager, KFC

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