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Youth Brand Affinity Tracker | Q1 2021

Revealing the brands that are winning with Gen Z – and why

How do you stack up?

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For Gen Z, the start of a new year brings positivity, the chance to progress life goals and experience new things. You can expect to see young people splash out on purchases they couldn’t make while quarantining – a phenomenon known as “revenge spending.

But which brands will Gen Z turn to for these purchases?

Our Youth Brand Affinity Tracker is a quarterly pulse-check, that monitors four metrics to reveal which brands are winning with Gen Z. This quarter, there have been surprising movements. 

Access the tracker to keep an eye on these movements – and pay close attention to the top players in your industry.

Recent shifts include:

  • Old Navy overtakes Forever 21 to take the crown in the fashion vertical
  • Sports brands continue to perform well across all metrics, including purchase intent, despite gym closures and fixture cancellations
  • Grocery chains who supported Gen Z through the difficult past year have seen brand advocacy skyrocket and sales grow online as well as instore
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