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Three ways Student Beans can make your brand go global with Gen Z

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Becoming an internationally-renowned Gen Z brand requires global reach, local knowledge, and a hands-on approach. Luckily, Student Beans has all three.

There are more than 200 million students in the world today – but it goes without saying that the student experience is not uniform. As Gen Zs, today’s students enjoy greater connectivity and a stronger sense of belonging thanks to their status as digital natives – but there are distinct cultural differences for brands to be aware of. You might be students’ go-to in one location, but growing internationally can be a mammoth task.

At Student Beans, our global reach and local knowledge have been instrumental in helping our brand partners to grow. We’ve been at Gymshark’s side throughout their international expansion, supported Ego Shoes and Lounge Underwear in their growth stateside, and we used our Gen Z media suite to propel Missguided before a US audience.

We can do the same for your brand, too. Here’s how.

Our hands-on approach

At Student Beans, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to your brand’s needs, so you can grow nationally and internationally. We know that Gen Z students are on the lookout for brands of all sizes and sectors – they’re as excited about discovering the next big thing as they are to shop with the legacy brands they’ve grown up with. The diverse range of brand partners that we work with reflects this, and we can help you to grow or consolidate your market share, no matter what stage you’re at.

Our dedicated account management team are renowned for their hands-on, bespoke services – we consider them one of our greatest assets, and they’ll no doubt become one of yours, too. Sign up for a student program with us, and you’ll get a dedicated account manager that acts as an extension of your team. After all, to grow from a small account to an international challenger, you need to have the right people in your corner.

Our strategic locations

At Student Beans, our remote-first approach reflects our international way of thinking. We have people on the ground in the UK, US and Australia. They know their surrounding territories and have a unique insight into how brands can expand and grow their share of student markets around the world.

But don’t just take our word for it. We spent 2020 strategically growing our presence across China. By building relationships and cultivating a three-pronged approach, our APAC team won Best International Strategy in the 2020 Golden Link Awards

Our global student reach

As your gateway to success with Gen Z, we’re ideally poised to connect your brand with a thriving global community of Gen Z student users. Our ever-growing student database refreshes daily – we have 6.5 million users, and our global publisher network gives us a reach of over 50 million. We have a global reach that encompasses millions of students across hundreds of countries – and we have the local knowledge to put your brand on their radar.

Let’s talk international expansion. Get in touch today to discuss where you’d like to take your brand.

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