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5 Student Beans features our users love

Student Beans features: web carousel

Creating features and content that our student users love is a priority for us here at Student Beans, so we’re always happy when we receive a glowing review on the app store, or hear positive feedback from students at events such as our annual Freshers Tour. Here are a few of the reasons that students love using Student Beans, and make checking our site or app part of their daily routine.

Save For Later

A brand new feature that our users are very excited about is the addition of Save For Later buttons across our website and app. This enables students to browse our discounts, save the ones they’re interested in, and easily go back to them when they’re ready to make a purchase online or in-store.

Student Beans features: saved for later

Near Me

Another feature that students requested, and we made happen, is our local discounts map. Users can now click the Near Me link on our site, or the Instore tab on our app, to find which nearby businesses offer a discount with Student Beans. This influences where students shop, eat out, and more.

Hot Right Now

One of the most popular pages of the Student Beans site is our Hot Right Now collection, where trending offers and all-time favourites are displayed. This is a great introduction for new students, who want to see the variety of big name brands we partner with here at Student Beans.

Student iD

Physical student cards are a thing of the past, and our digital student iD is ideal for students living in the age of the smartphone. They simply need to open up the Student Beans app and display their iD to redeem in-store offers from brands including McDonald’s, Superdrug and River Island.

Student Beans features: web carousel


The first thing students see when they arrive on, whether on desktop or mobile, is our carousel feature. This is where you can check out some of our biggest brands, best deals, and the latest themed collections. It’s an opportunity for our partners to grab the attention of our engaged users.

Find out more about how your brand could join Pretty Little Thing, Domino’s, Samsung and many more as partners of Student Beans.

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