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4 tips for marketing to Gen Z in the new year

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With 2022 just around the corner, get ready to make a splash with Gen Z students this new year with all our top tips. 

Tip 1: Choose authenticity 

The new year can be a stressful time for students. After the excitement and indulgence of big holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas wear off, the new year can be filled with both excitement and pressure to start the year as you mean to go on. 

As a brand, it’s important not to focus solely on the concept of being your best self and succeeding with your resolutions. Instead, try injecting a touch of realism and humor into your messaging – we all have resolutions, but we won’t all be able to stick to them and that’s okay. Tapping into Gen Z humor (memes are always a winner here) will help elevate your brand’s authenticity, which is super important to the Gen Z demographic. 

Tip 2: Be positive 

Being positive is another must this January. Last year, most New Year celebrations across the globe were restricted; firework displays were suspended, parties in some areas were prohibited and many people were unable to enter into 2021 with their loved ones by their side. This year, things are looking different – and you can bet Gen Zs will want to say a massive au revoir to 2021 and the difficulties they faced due to the pandemic. 

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So, why not brighten their moods even further by running giveaways on your social media or offering boosted discounts for students? The gifting season might be over, but anticipation for a more normal year is another cause for celebration altogether. 

Tip 3: Help Gen Z smash their resolutions

At least 66% of US students and 54% of UK students will be making a resolution for the new year. For many, resolutions arounds fitness and healthy living are a top priority. This creates a key opportunity for brands within these sectors to offer support to those with a goal they hope to achieve. 

If you’re a gym wear brand or food brand, posting a series of workouts or healthy recipe inspiration via TikTok or Instagram will help increase your engagement with Gen Z consumers. Try organizing an Instagram live to create a buzz in the lead up to your event. Instagram Lives are also a great way to utilize influencers or industry experts who can co-host the session.  

Remember, it’s not just fitness related resolutions that need your attention. Events like veganuary and dry January are other events that your brand can get involved with. 

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Tip 4: Get creative with your content 

The New Year signifies a fresh start for many, so producing content that’s creative and in keeping with this tone will help your brand stand out as unique and fresh – which is exactly what Gen Zs are looking for now more than ever. 

The type of content that would resonate here includes posting tips on self-care via social media or in blog content on your website. Responding to online trends of the moment will increase the numbers of visitors to your social platforms and website. You could also try creating your own guides for planning and staying organized via email newsletters to help nurture existing customers and new subscribers with content that is helpful. 

Are you ready to win with Gen Z students in 2022? Get in touch with the Student Beans team to see what we’ve got in store for you. 

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