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Marketing to Gen Z this Australia Day

Sydney Opera house in Australia

Australia Day is taking place on 26th January. Explore how Gen Zs will be spending the public holiday – and how your brand can get involved. 

Formally known as Foundation Day, Australia Day was originally created to mark the arrival of the first permanent European settlement in 1788. Public celebrations for this pivotal moment in history were held for the first time in 1838, and in 1998, January 26th became an official public holiday – which is still the case today. 

While history cannot be changed or rewritten, Australia Day in the modern world has since moved away from its original purpose. Today, Australia Day aims to honour the diverse culture, society and people of Australia. This includes, of course, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who first inhabited the land, as well as those who have lived in Australia for generations, and those from across the globe who have made a new life here. 

At least 13 million observe Australia Day, with many opting for events with family and friends, or community gatherings. For Gen Z, this year’s Australia Day, and the weekend to follow, will no doubt be a time to enjoy the company of friends and family, and make the most of their time off with plenty of activities – a luxury they didn’t get last year due to Covid restrictions. The question is, how can you, as a brand, make a solid impression with this consumer demographic? 

Embrace Aussie pride

The modern messaging behind Australia Day is all about celebrating diversity, the country’s idyllic landscape, its history (the highs and the lows) and the special people in your life – which are all key values that Gen Zs resonate with. 

When marketing during this time, make sure you’re embracing all the things that represent this new, more positive stance of Australia Day. Fill your social media feeds or storefronts with Australian role models, beautiful Aboriginal art, and all the niche things that make Australia great. 

If you’re a food and drink brand, now is the time to go wild with traditional Aussie plates that will delight your user base. Posting recipes for old-school favourites like fairy bread, lamingtons or meat pies will spark a touch of nostalgia in your Gen Z following – making them more likely to engage with your content. 

Other brand sectors can equally jump on this bandwagon by offering freebies and giveaways that incorporate popular Australian goodies (Vegemite or TimTams, anyone?)

Vegemite, the Marmite of Australia

Don’t neglect history 

Gen Zs are a curious and politically engaged generation – they’re always the first to express their values and bust stereotypes. 

The commemorative reason behind Australia Day is far removed from the forward-thinking attitude of the younger generation. Of course, the meaning behind the day itself has developed over the years to be more inclusive and representative of today’s society norms. 

So, while Australia Day for Gen Z is the perfect excuse to enjoy a long weekend with loved ones, young people are also becoming very aware of the issues of colonialism, and how this has fed into history. As a brand, speaking about the history of Australia Day and how it has adapted over the years will be welcomed by Gen Zs. Instagram carousels are a great way to spark awareness, but beware of being reductive – make sure to elaborate with more detailed educational content elsewhere. 

Raising awareness of Aboriginal culture or tapping into the lives of international students by using influencer marketing, is another way your brand can embrace diversity and the new values that are being connected with Australia Day. 

Student incentives 

Just like Black Friday, Click Frenzy and Valentine’s Day, Australia Day signals a time for consumers to spend more of their disposable income than usual. Being a public holiday, there’s huge potential for Gen Zs to use this time to do fun activities, attend events, host a party, head to the beach for a BBQ, eat at their favourite restaurants, or even go away for the weekend.

Group of friends having a BBQ outside in the sun

This creates the perfect opportunity for brands in these sectors to create limited-time offers in the lead up to 26th January, when Gen Zs are more likely to book in their plans. A flash sale on Australia Day itself is recommended to entice those who are looking for some last-minute plans. 

For any students who plan to travel over Australia Day, or head to an event, a new outfit or beauty regime may be on the cards. For brands in the fashion or beauty sector, Australia Day presents an opportunity to boost student revenue and engagement. Social media giveaways and boosted student discounts will help put your brand in the eyes of Gen Z consumers during the big event. 

Consider the student calendar

Australia Day comes before one of the biggest events in the student calendar – Welcome Week. Taking place between February and March, January is a prime time for students to be ticking off their Welcome Week shopping lists

Australia Day is thus an equally beneficial holiday for tech and stationery brands. Offering boosted student discounts on those items students need the most for university like study supplies, books, laptops and tablets, will help boost your student loyalty in the long term. 

Are you currently in the midst of planning your 2022 Gen Z strategy? We can help you there. Contact the Student Beans team today to learn more.

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